"...Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded."
-- Mary Baker Eddy


  • Boston Meeting

    In February 2014, The Mother Church hosted a meeting to discuss the sustainability of Christian Science nursing and ask questions about how to best support the simplicity of Christian healing. As a result of this meeting, The Mother Church appointed two committees: 1. The sustainability of Christian Science nursing committee and 2. The financial sustainability of Christian Science nursing committee. Additionally, in a follow-up conversation to this meeting, a collaborative donor group, called the Donor Forum, assembled to consider ways to support the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.

  • The Philanthropy Forum

    Eventually the work of The Mother Church’s Financial Sustainability committee and the Donor Forum came together. The Donor Forum was renamed The Philanthropy Forum and its mission is “to provide a community where donors unite and explore together how to promote the inspired ministry of Christian Science nursing in its ever expansive outreach to humanity.” When the Philanthropy Forum met in January 2016, they agreed to support the launch of a national benevolence fund for Christian Science nursing.

  • Fund Working Group

    The Fund Working Group was a committee appointed by the Philanthropy Forum to work out the details of the National Fund launch beginning in January 2016. Several different models were proposed and legal and financial advice was sought and considered. After an examination of various models, the Working Group decided that it was best to launch the National Fund within an already established and active nonprofit benevolence organization. The Fund Working Group voted unanimously to ask the Principle Foundation to administer the National Fund, and the Foundation whole-heartedly accepted. In June, all responsibility for launching the National Fund was transferred to The Principle Foundation.

  • The Principle Foundation

    The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing launched in April 2017 as is providing grants to Christian Science nursing patients across the US. The NFCSN is being administered by The Principle Foundation.