"I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water." -- Isaiah

Other Financial Assistance

The following is a list of funds that also provide financial assistance to individuals who want Christian Science nursing.  The NFCSN may sometimes coordinate with these funds when offering a grant to a patient.  These funds, however, are not directly connected with the NFCSN.  We do encourage people to continue their donations to these organizations, as the NFCSN cannot cover all costs associated with Christian Science nursing care.  Click here to learn about why we encourage donating to these organizations.

  • The Dominion Foundation is a national benevolent funding organization established solely to support Christian Science home nursing. The Foundation assists individuals relying solely on Christian Science for healing and who need assistance with the costs of Christian Science nursing care in the home.
  • High Oaks, Inc. serves Christian Scientists in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia in temporary need of financial assistance by helping with invoices for Christian Science care—assistance on a temporary basis with payments for Christian Science nursing care in a facility or at home and with Christian Science practitioner fees.  Financial assistance is specifically reserved for bills from Christian Science care facilities, Christian Science nurses, and Christian Science practitioners.
  • Midland House provides financial assistance for nursing care in Indiana and portions of the surrounding states.
  • The Sunnyside Foundation assists practicing Christian Scientists residing in Texas with charges associated with Christian Science nursing care.
  • The Christian Science Nursing Care Endowment of Southern California helps Christian Scientists in Southern California (zip 90000 to 93599) with fees incurred by nursing assistance in a facility or at home, but not associated bills such as food and lodging, assisted living, or rest and study.
  • Wellsprings of Florida can help individuals in Florida needing financial assistance for Christian Science nursing care at home or in a facility.
  • Great Plains can help individuals in Nebraska or Iowa needing financial assistance for Christian Science nursing care at home or in a facility.  They have partnered with The Principle Foundation and can be applied to through this website.
  • Homecrest seeks “to provide benevolent assistance to senior Christian Scientists in need, by providing assistance for their residential living costs and/or care in individual residences, or senior residences for Christian Scientists or Christian Science nursing care facilities in the State of Illinois.”
  • Japhet Foundation can help provide financial assistance for Christian Science nursing care to residents of Montana.